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City of Oakland

Parks and Recreation Facilities

Backstoppers Park
(Located at Melshire and Holmes)
This park was built in 2007 through grant funds from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources ($200,000) and the St. Louis County Parks Municipal Grant Commission ($95,000). It is named in remembrance of all fallen police and fire officers and is part of Grant's Trail connected by Crestwood to the south and Kirkwood to the north. There is a playground, picnic tables and gazebo to relax under. Great for biking, walking and children at play.

Loewnau Park:
(Located at Oakland and Sappington)
This hidden treasure is located at 1035 Oakland Avenue. The City is seeking grant funds to add such items as playground equipment, benches, tables, trash cans, signs and landscaping. This park is the location of the annual Community Picnic held in October.

Monaco Park:
(Located at Sappington and Lockwood)
This park, on the grounds of the Kirkwood Early Childhood Center, was dedicated to the public on October 15, 2004 and is named after the late Tony Monaco, Mayor and Board member with the City of Glendale and an active member with the Kirkwood School District.  This pocket park hosts a small soccer field, swing set, slides, climbers and a gazebo.


Recreation Station/Aquatic Center:
(Located at Geyer & Monroe in Kirkwood)
In 1998, Oakland formed a partnership with the cities of Kirkwood and Glendale to operate an aquatic center.  Since its opening, we have seen phenominal participation among our residents. The Recreation Station Aquatic Center offers a host of activities for swimmers of all ages. Enjoy five different bodies of water, each with it's own highlights. In the Competitive Pool you can swim laps, work on your dives or practice your strokes. The Family Play Pool is designed for kids and their families, with interactive water play features, beach entry, water playground and kid sized slide. Want to raise the excitement level? Try one of the two water slides, the Cannonball Express or the Runaway Freight Train. Need to relax? Try lounging on an underwater couch in the Leisure Pool, or floating on a tube on the 700 foot Lazy River. Whatever your choice, you're sure to have fun!


ID Cards

Individual ID cards for recreation facilities users will be issued at the Community Center during regular office hours. ID cards are $4 each, both for originals and replacements and are good for up to three years. In order to obtain an ID card, each purchaser 16 and over must present a valid and current Missouri Driver’s License showing resident address and a current utility (gas, water, electric or phone) bill, bank statement or voter ID card, issued to their home address within the last three months. Purchasers age 15 and under must be accompanied by a person at the same address who can present the documents listed above. Everyone 4 and over must have an ID card.


Admission Policies

The Aquatic Center is only available to residents of Glendale, Kirkwood and Oakland. For entry into the pool, you will need to present a Kirkwood Parks and Recreation issued ID card. No other form of ID will be accepted to gain admittance into the facility. See the section on ID cards to find out how to obtain your card. Each ID card holder will be allowed up to 4 guests per day, with a maximum allowance of 16 guests per family each day. All guests will pay non-resident daily admission fees. Check your ID card’s expiration date-cards expiring in 2009 will need to be renewed this year.


Pool Rental

All or parts of the Aquatic Center are available for rental. Rental times are available after public session hours and lesson activities until

11 p.m. Prices based on size of group and

facilities reserved. Call 314-822-5859.


Birthday party programs for pre-school kids also available. This program offers preschoolers the opportunity to celebrate their birthday at the Aquatic Center on Saturday mornings. For $130 a preschooler and 11 friends can swim in the Family Play Pool for an hour and then enjoy cake and soda from the Boxcar Concession Stand. Call 314-822-5859.


Courtney Shupe Scholarship


The program is designed to assist young people ages 17 and under, whose families or households face economic challenges, in

enjoying the programs and facilities of the

Kirkwood Aquatic Center, including swim & dive lessons and season passes.  Call 822-5856 for more details.


Daily Admission

Daily admission rates (resident rate with ID card only) will be as follows:

                                         Youth (4-17)*       Adult (18 & Up)            Sr Citizen (65+)

Resident                                     $4                     $5                                            $4

Nonresident                                $6                     $7                                    $7

Res 10 Admission Card**        $36                        $45                                                 $36

*Children 3 & under free when accompanied by a paying adult. Swimmers under the age of 12 must be accompanied at the pool by a responsible person age 15 or over.

** Cards good for 10 admissions of one category of admission to pool for the price of 9.

Season Passes

Passes are sold at the community center office during office hours listed on page 1, beginning April 1. 


Season Passes

Season passes include picture ID cards for each pass holder.

               Youth (4-17)*   Adult (18-64)  Family of 3   Add’l Family Member   Sr Cit (65+)

Resident     $75                 $90               $195                   $20                      $75


Tot Time                             Ages 5 and under

Kids can get on board during this special time for preschoolers.  The Family Play pool is open for this activity. Parents, bring your Recreation Station ID card and your child gets into this session for $2.50, while you get in free. Non-resident admission (this activity only) is $4. Resident Tot Time pass is $40.

M1: Mon.-Fri.    6/1-8/16    10:15-11:45 a.m.



River Walk Club

The River Walk Club gives participants the chance to walk against the current in the Lazy River. Fee includes unlimited sessions at any of the below listed times.

M1: Mon. Wed. & Fri.         9-10 a.m.

T1: Tue. & Thu.                      7:40-8:40 p.m.

A1: Sat.                              8:45-9:45 a.m.


R $50  NR $73

10 admission card: R $25  NR $35



Early Morning Lap Swim

Early morning swimmers can take advantage of additional morning hours. Get your laps in early!

M1: Mon.-Fri.     6/1-8/13    6-7:30 a.m.

R $50  NR $75  (Half price for season pass holders)



Water Fitness 

Our water aerobics class is the coolest way to exercise during the summer. Sign up today for on of our exiciting classes!

Mon., Wed., Fri.     10:45-11:45 a.m.   

Tue. ,Thu.              7:40-8:40 p.m.   

Sat.                          9-9:45 a.m.           

M1:  Mon., Wed., Fri.   6/2-7/2    R $36  NR $51

M2:  Mon. ,Wed., Fri.   7/5-8/6   R $38  NR $53

T1:   Tue., Thu.                  6/1-8/5    R $48  NR $68

A1:  Sat                               6/5-8/7    R $24  NR $34



Aqua Camp                                         Ages 6-12

For the true water bug, a five-day camp that will make your fingers wrinkle and your love for aquatics grow.  We are taking all of the fun that camp offers and putting it in the pool.  Each day will be filled with games, crafts, and open play, all in the swimming pool!  Certified lifeguards and experienced counselors will have a ball with your child as they teach them a love of aquatics.  Please bring your own lunch and a drink.  Refrigeration is not provided.  No glass bottles please!  Campers are responsible for their own sunscreen application. 

T-shirts can be worn in swimming pool. 

M1: Mon.-Fri.    8/2-8/6    10 a.m.-3 p.m.

M2: Mon.-Fri.    8/9-8/13  10 a.m.-3 p.m.           

R $90  NR $108           

Kirkwood Park and Aquatic Center



Sunday School Days

Start the summer off right!  Your school aged child will have the opportunity to enjoy a day of swimming at 1/2 price.  Join us for fun and games!

Sun.    6/6            Elementary Age

Sun.    6/13            Middle Age

Sun.    6/20            High School Age


Swim/Dive Meets

The diving boards will close at 2:30 p.m. and the lap pool will close at 3 p.m. for home swim/dive meets on June 14, June 21 and July 12. The remainder of the aquatic facility will remain open.


Family Night

Bring the family for an evening under the stars!  DJ to provide music and fun!  Half price admission!

Fri.     7/9     7:45-9:15 p.m.


Back to School Night

Calling all youth entering middle school in the fall 2010, gather your friends and make new ones while you enjoy one of the final summer evenings!  DJ to provide music and fun.  Free for resident youth of Kirkwood, Glendale & Oakland.  Normal admission polices and prices for non-resident youth.

Fri.     8/13     7:45-9:15 p.m.


Dog Pool Party

A chance for your four legged friend to enjoy the cool Recreation Station waters!  Sponsored by the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation.  Pool Paws for Humane Laws.  Current shot records MUST be provided.

Tue.     9/7            5-7 p.m.

Thu.    9/9            5-7 p.m.

$10 per dog/owner, $3 each additional person


Pioneer Polo                       

Youth who have completed grades 6-11 can join this instructional water polo league.

Wed. & Sun.    

W1: Middle School Age: 

          7:30-8:30 p.m.              6/2-7/28

W2: Senior High Age      

          8:30-9:30 p.m.     6/2-7/28

R $69  NR $109



Swim & Dive Team                   Ages 5-18 

Our recreational Swim and Dive Team is for Kirkwood, Glendale and Oakland youth who have appropriate swimming/diving skills. Practices held weekday mornings and meets are scheduled weekday/weekend evenings. New team member skills assessment will be held Saturday, April 24 and May 1, 8:30-9:30 a.m. at the Meramec Community College Pool.  Fee includes membership and end of the season banquet for swimmer. Space is limited.

Mon.-Fri.     6/1-7/23

$125 for Swim or Dive only or $150 for both Swim & Dive.  A $5 discount for each

additional child.



Diving Class                                       Ages 6+

Youth can learn diving basics on the aquatic center’s one meter boards. Morning classes are for two weeks.

Morning classes are Mon.-Thu.

M1:        6/7-6/17                 11:15-11:45 a.m.

M2:        6/21-7/11               11:15-11:45 a.m.

M3:        7/12-7/22            11:15-11:45 a.m.

M4:        7/26-8/5              10:40-11:10 a.m.

R $46  NR $56                                      

Evening classes are Tue. & Thu.

T1:        6/1-6/24                        7:40-8:10 p.m.

T2:        7/13-8/5                        7:40-8:10 p.m.

R $46  NR $56

Saturday Morning Classes

A1:       6/5-6/26                        9-9:45 a.m.

A2:       7/10-7/31                        9-9:45 a.m.

R $32  NR $42



Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for youth and adults. Fees are R $51 & NR $61 for three, 1/2 hour lessons. Additional family members can be registered for the same private lesson at the cost of $20 each.  Register at the Community Center.


Swim Lessons

The lesson program is operated by the

Kirkwood Parks and Recreation Department. Class sizes are limited. Registration deadlines are as follows, however, classes that fill before these deadlines will be closed.

Sessions 1, 5, &  7:           6/4

Session 2:                        6/18  

Sessions 3, 6:                      7/9 

Session 4:                      7/23


Morning Lesson Program

The morning lesson program features 30 minute classes for two weeks. Class offerings, including both swimming and diving, will vary each session based on demand.


10:40-11:10 a.m. OR 11:15-11:45 a.m.

M1: 6/7-6/17          M2:  6/21-7/1

M3:  7/12-7/22       M4:  7/26-8/5

R $46  NR $56


Evening Lesson Program

The evening program features a 30 minute class session twice a week for four weeks.

Tue. & Thu.    7:40-8:10 p.m.

R $46  NR $56.

T1:  6/1-6/24          T2:  7/13-8/5 


Saturday Lesson Program

Saturday morning lessons are 45 minutes and held for four weeks.

Sat.    9-9:45 a.m.

R$32; NR$42

A1: 6/5-6/26          A2: 7/10-7/31



he class titles are used for the lesson

programs.  Please note that not all class titles will be available for all sessions.  Some classes may be combined to ensure adequate participation.  Age ranges are guidelines;

participant skill level should be considered first.


Shrimp: For ages 18 months to 3 years.

Swimmers with little or no experience will be taught water safety, floating, bubbling, kicking, arm strokes, object recovering. Parent is in water with child. Class held in Family Pool.



Sea Horse: For participants with little or no experience. Skills taught include water safety, floating, bubbling, kicking, arm strokes and

object recovering. Child needs to easily

separate from parent. Class held in the Family Pool.



Starfish: For participants who have completed Sea Horse or can put face in water for at least three seconds. Skills taught include water safety, front kicking, object recovery, bobbing, back float, free style arm stroke and intro to kick board. Class held in the Family Pool.



Guppy: For school-age beginners. Skills taught include water safety, freestyle arm stroke, back float with kicking, deep water orientation,

bobbing, front float with glide and kicking,

object retrieval. Class held in Competition Pool.



Flipper: Advanced beginner level. Skills taught include water safety, rhythmic breathing with support, back stroke, under water swim, treading water, standing dive, deep water orientation.

Class held in Competition Pool.



Seal: Intermediate level. Skills taught include water safety, rhythmic breathing with free style, breast stroke, back stroke, racing dive, treading water for 1 minute. Class held in the

Competition Pool.



Sailfish: Advanced level. Swimmers work on all strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly), and perfecting the racing dive.

Class held in the Competition Pool.



Stroke Development: Swimmers work on all four strokes. They will begin to fine tune their skills and work on endurance. Class held in Competition Pool.





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