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Deborah LeMoine
P.O. Box 220511
St. Louis, MO 63122


The City of Oakland allows three pets per household. No more than two of these pets can be dogs. Selling, breeding, boarding and or training animals is prohibited in Oakland. (Section 205.040)

Leash Requirements:  No person owning, controlling, possessing or having the management or care, in whole or in part, of any dog or other animal shall permit the same to be off the premises of the owner or keeper thereof, unless such dog or other animal is securely tied to lead by a line or a leash, so as to effectively prevent such dog or other animal from biting, molesting, being with or approaching any person or animal.  (Section 205.070)

Wild Animals:  No person, except a duly constituted zoological garden operated and conducted by and with the consent of the City, may keep or maintain any wild or undomesticated animal or reptile of any kind.  The term wild or undomesticated animal or reptile includes animals or reptiles generally known as wild, such as lions, tigers, wolves, bears, jaguars, wildcats, poisionous snakes, reptiles and others of this general class and description.  (Section 205.180)

For more information on Animal Regulations, go to City Ordinances, Chapter 205.

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